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of the worst massecres in u.s. history. but this is not over yet. right now police are taking a look at his booby trapped apartment. here's rebecca stevens. >> as the sun comes up over aurora, colorado, 30 people are still in the hospital and some still in critical condition. police are looking at not one, but two crime scenes. >> a crowd gathered for an impromptu prayer after one of the worst u.s. massecres in u.s. history. a day that started innocently at the screening of the new batman film. halfway into the movie hundreds fled the carnage inside. a state of shock and bleeding from bullet holes. >> oh, my god! >> police have a busy day ahead of them. one thing they don't have to wonder about is how the suspect got ammunition and also his weapons. the fact is, he got them right here in legally. [applause] >> a crowd gathered for an impromptu prayer, holding candles and helping the victims of one of the worst shootings in u.s. history. a day that started innocently at a midnight screening of the new batman film. halfway into the move way hundreds fled the carnage inside. in a state of shoc
for joining us. only carolyn tyler. let's get started with a quick first look at the weather from our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. you see the fog behind you and from vollmer peak a pretty site. we have the clear sky inland but low fog and clouds have allowed for mist and drizzle if you are headed over the golden gate bridge. it is a gray start and it will be for most areas it will about 10:00. then the fog burns back. it will be banked up along the shoreline, allowing for a stronger sea breeze, up to 20 miles an hour today. so that will bring the numbers down just a bit. we are talking about upper 50s to low 60s for the noontime hours in our inland valleys and then by the afternoon a return to some 90s but it's low 90s for concord and danville today. but we will be looking at a cooler day at our coast. the big question is are we going to see the heat come back? i'll let you know in a little bit. carolyn. >> we begin with breaking news in san mateo where southbound highway 101 is open again a fatal multi-car crash near east popular avenue. this is the scene of that collis
you for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a look at the weather. here is meteorologist frances dinglasan in for lisa argen. >> thanks, carolyn. good morning, everyone. here's a live view at the bay bridge. yesterday we saw some thicker, low clouds. we are seeing a little bit more this morning. still causing flight arrival delays at sfo for about an hour. you can expect a bit of a gray start once again with possibly some drizzle near the coast. it will be sunny inland early on in the morning by lunchtime. already sunshine for everybody. and in the afternoon look for a sea breeze with temperatures ranging from 60s, mid-60s along the coast to low 80s inland and pretty sunny and clear for us this evening with temperatures dropping down to the upper 70 he is in some of the interior locations. we have a nice seven day forecast coming up and i'll have those details shortly. carolyn. >> thank you, francis. >> developing news. house fire in contra costa county. they crews found this fire already raging. one person inside the home did manage to get to a neighbor's house okay. fir
. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. you see the view from behind you. the marine layer not as extensive as yesterday. we have a bit of clearing now around concord, also the delta and san jose not socked in look you were yesterday morning. throughout morning we will look for the low clouds and fog to peel back from the coast. we will look for some sunshine here. temperatures ranging from the 60s but we will get into the mid-and upper 80s today. so by about noontime we will have the sunglasses needed downtown and it looks as though this is only a one-day event. so if you like it a little bit warmer, enjoy today. we've got a few more mid-and upper 80s in our inland east bay. the big, big changes starting tomorrow. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. thousands of people from all over the bay area are preparing to rise and shine this morning and raise money to fight a.i.d.s.. it's a.i.d.s. walk san francisco. it gets underway in just a few hours at golden gate park
to abc7 news, they tell us he will lose his right leg. zachary row was camping at the park when a 60-foot tree fell on his tent early wednesday morning. a close family friend described what happened next. >> zachary was saying things like, you know, my legs feel like jelly, they are restless, kind of rolling back and forth. we thought maybe he was just still half asleep. >> zachary suffered a crushed pelvis and doctors are worried about internal bleeding. zach was scheduled to start 7th grade in arizona in two weeks. all of that on hold as he recovers. >> monday will be a most interesting day on wall street after the dow jones closed yesterday above the 13,000 mark for the first time since may but it wasn't a good day for facebook. it's stock dropped. nearly 12%, closing at 2370. that equals a $1 billion loss for founder mark zuckerburg. at its initial stock offering in may the share of stock went for $38 a share. but don't rry about zuckerburg, still one of the richest people in the world. good morning america will have more coming up at 7:00. apple has been in talks with twitter about m
babysitter's pit bull last night. family members tell us he does not have life-threatening injuries but he was bitten on the head. officers with contra costa county animal offices arrived on california street shortly after that incident that happened just before midnight. the boy had already been driven to the hospital. a young woman answered the door and let the officers inside. their policy is to take custody of the dog, but this morning we are waiting for animals service to confirm they did so. the boy's family tells abc7 news they had no idea the babysitter had a pit bull. we hope to have more information on this story this morning. >>> contra costa sheriff's investigators are trying to piece together events that led up to the shooting of an eight-year-old girl and 22-year-old man at a west pittsburgh home. this morning both victims are recovering from the shooting at local hospitals. witnesses say a man got out of a car on franklin avenue and shot into a home, then drove off. abc7 news reporter, sergio quintana, has the details. >> the little girl was rushed to the hospital. she had a
crashed into a house with an infant inside. >> terry mcsweeney joins us live. how is the baby? >> reporter: the baby is fine. but, barely. an infant a two-month-old sleeping in her bassinet when a car slammed into the room in which she was sleeping. she wasn't alone. she had her 2-year-old brother and their mother sleeping in the room on the other side of where you see that black cadillac. happened about an hour ago. we have video to show you tighter shots of the car and also how close it came to doing damage to the child. again, everybody got out okay. it happened an hour ago. according to police the car was racing down the street, there are skid marks it went into a driveway, bounced off one house into that house where sarah gutierrez and her two children layla two months old and sean, 3-years-old were all sleeping. sarah told me about this incredibly emotional event. she was telling me through tears that the car came through the wall, it hit a bookcase. the bookcase hit the bassinet where the child was sleeping and there was debris in the baby's hair. the 2-year-old and the
. this morning we are learning that other buyers may be ready to terry mcsweeney joins us live in san francisco with the competitor that may be willing to stir things up. >> reporter: the story is not about a new flavor it is about a possible new owner and that new owner to some loyal pete's customers it couldn't be worse than to hear starbucks is interested in buying petes that is the hot rumor. i'll tell you how the rumor got started. the stock was up 3% last week that was after a company offered to buy the company. that has analysts speculating, goes up 3% why? starbucks may be prepared to offer $80 a share for piece. that would be $7 per share higher than what is now on the take. analysts say buying petes would make sense it would give starbucks entry into the gourmet coffee market pete's sells for a dollar more per 12 ounce bag than does staubach, petes has 190 cafes in the u.s. selling in whole foods and wal-mart. there are many at petes who don't like it. >> no, i think they would discontinue and not have the same flavor i think they are just looking to make their franchise bigger and no
>>> katie marzullo joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: we captured amazing video. look quickly at what is happening right now and the damage that is left. you can see a gaping hole in the roof. it did take firefighters about an hour to put out this fire. the calls started coming in around 2:15. they got several calls which made them know this fire was raging pretty good. take a look these are the the home was vacant under construction that's a good news/bad news scenario. good news because nobody is inside and nobody was hurt. when a home is under construction firefighters don't know what phase the home is unthey don't know howvnna sturdy it isc$purfh is that causes a collapse risk for them. >> right now our safety officers cordoned off the front corner of the building because there is collapse potential we make sure firefighters know that and work with the safety go in and give the -- and get the hot spots it close the process. -- it slows the process. >> reporter: there were two thins in the firefighters' favor, one no wind that kepted keep the fire from spreading. th
>>> good morning. monday morning just about 6:01. thanks for joining us, i'm eric thomas. >>> and i'm carolyn tyler sitting in for kristen sze. >> frances dinglasan is in for mike. a little bit of musical chairs this morning. live doppler temperatures mid 50s for most everybody. it does seem cool at this point. you probably won't need your jacket later on. we'll see more sunshine the marine layer not as deep today. the clouds will breakthrough a little earlier. but, with the continued sea breeze it will still be cool along the coast, especially peninsula where you see cloud cover, partly sunny, low 60s. around the bay upper 60s to near 80° and then inland temperatures getting warmer to even the low 90s. i'll have your seven day forecast coming up. for now here's sue in for me. >> yes i am in for frances. this is a live look at the incline section on the bay bridge a little haze. i wanted to show you traffic starting to bunch towards the tunnel stall center lane before the tunnel, you will find slowing behind the toll plaza, metering lights off, traffic light, no back-ups as you hea
to investigators on the scene. she is going to give us the latest. >> reporter: the fire is not out take a look behind us being see through the trees those flames licking out of the roof of this two story home. i have just talked with way captain with the san jose fire department captain rob brown tells me they have initial knock-down but the fire is not out. the call came in at 5:06 this morning this is a three-alarm fire. two story home single family residence firefighters saw flames and smoke coming out of second story, out of the roof and attic shooting out of second story windows. they believe they know where it started, in the kitchen. the people who live there admit they left something on the stove and went back to bed this morning. they have good reason to believe the fire star in the kitchen. it has reached through the home in the attic and roof out of roof. the people who were in the home are four adults, young adults in their 20s two live there two are friends. the fire captain says he believes they did have to order evacuations of the homes on either side of the house. that's just s
there used to be a fire hydrant there now there is just a big hole. he hit the fire hydrant and knocked it off and left a hole that sent water gushing that the air. it looked like a geyser the car knocked the fire hydrant down after it crashed into it, let the water free it was spewing everywhere it happened about 2:00 this morning on castro street in a residential area at henry. one resident woke up, came to check it out these are pictures sent from one of our from -- from one of our viewers. crews looking like they are having trouble. they tell us they did have trouble act session the valve to shut it off. -- trouble accessing the value to shut it off. crews tell me the driver did appear drunk. police think he was, they took him to jail the officer says he has a prior dui. no word on whether the city will be sending him a bill for the hydrant he broke. residents never lost water, they may have lost pressure for a little while, now everything is back to normal. it took a couple of hours but they did stop the water from gushing and everyone's water pressure should be fine. amy hollyfiel
. only 59 in the city today with low 80s inland. katie. >> lisa, thank you for helping us all plan our morning. a south bay teenager is being treated for severe brain injuries he suffered in a drunken clash with santa clara police last weekend. the police released police dogs when they say he came toward them with a knife. we talk with the father who is trying to track down surveillance video of the incident. this is 16-year-old austin calhoun before and after an incident with santa clara police early sunday morning. >> he was in icu and he had brain surgery for a clot to be removed from his brain from blunt force trauma is what they said it was. >> it was after austin left a party intoxicated. he wondered near a fire station and called 011. several officers responded. >> and they found a young man out in public holding a knife to his throat. >> santa clara police captain phil cook said a yelling aator -- said a negotiator was called in but police were forced to act when austin came toward officers. they fired two rubber projectiles. austin fell to the ground and was handcuffed but his
other. firefighters are telling us this apartment building did not have a sprinkler system and they say the fire was going strong when they got here here's a picture taken by one of the residents. firefighters say it was coming out of the roof of the unit where the two people died, a couple, boyfriend and girl friend in their mid 30s, their cat also died. everyone else got out okay and many of them have their neighbors to thank. >> sound asleep, somebody started banging on the door, get out. just got my family and left. >> we don't know anything yet about whether there were working smoke alarms in this structure or not that's one of the things that we'll be looking into. if there were no smoke alarms it would be very easy for a fire to progress to the point where people wouldn't be able to get out. >> reporter: it started at 3:30 this morning on donegal way in martinez. many people got out on their own, firefighters did have to convince a couple of people to leave. they had gone back to get some of their things those two people were treated for smoke inhalation at the scene
to commuters. katie marzullo joins us live from the station. >> reporter: of course you've caught us in between trains at this moment as fate would always have it. we've been out here we've seen people coming and going and hoping and assuming that their train is coming and going on time. caltrain is going to test a new system that should change that. the testing begins today. caltrans is going to use the gps system already on all of the trains to tell riders whether or not their train is on time for late in real-time. the announcements are going to be on electronic message boards also over a loudspeakerer in the terminals. right now some stations only have that audio announcement, others stations have no indication to riders whether or not the train is coming or going on time. passengers we talked with this morning say this sounds good. >> i think it would be good it would be nice to know it going to be late so i plan. >> i'm going to love that. that is going to be fabulous. it is going to -- probably won't make a huge difference in my life but will make me happier. >> making connection from th
joins us from church and market. >> reporter: there is turnout this morning, but it's not protestors. a large group of police officers gathered here in the safeway parking lot. they have said they would be ready to protect people's first amendment rights and also to facilitate traffic. they are here, but we don't see very many protestors. there is not an organized protest going on at this hour as was planned. protestors are here. they want to commemorate the death of kenneth harding. he died last year in a shootout with police. they were trying to stop him for not paying his muni fare. the coroner ruled that he died from a bullet from his own gun but some believe that police killed him. they are were calling for a muni shut down and we did meet one man this morning. >> people just want to get home from work. they suffer. they have put in their eight hour day. they have dealt with people with bad attitudes. they are just trying to get home. the protest, it doesn't help. it makes other people angry. >> a muni spokesperson says the agency is aware of this and will take it into considera
using popular muni lines will have to find other ways to get around this weekend. that's bus construction has shut down the enjuda between willard and stanyon. shut down on church between reservoir and 14th. there will be three more weekend shutdowns this summer. it's part of a project to replace old railways carrying the light rail cars across the city. >> half the nation remains in the clutches of an intense heat wave. excessive heat warnings are in effect in 26 state from kansas to new york. blast night thunderstorms added to the misery coming down in tennessee, like cats and dogs, as they say. two people were killed in the smoky mountains. yesterday 17,000 people lost power. in chicago it was the third consecutive day of triple digit temperatures. there have been six heat-related deaths nationwide. and 124,000 people have been without power for an entire week. >> now joining me is lisa. you were down in south carolina? >> yeah. >> it was what. >> the heat indic. he s was 110. it was so hot. >> you mentioned it was good for your skin. >> it was good for your skin. >> and y
are likely to have it. for the rest of us with the low and counterclockwise flow and onshore flow and temperatures 10-15 degrees cooler and possibility of 70s in the south bay and east bay valleys. >>> good morning. when is the last time you checked your windshield wipers? you may need them this morning, you see a minor delay for cash paying folks but no problems on the incline into san francisco. golden gate bridge you can see the fog and slick roadways here as you head southbound through the waldo tunnel and on into san francisco. check this time, it's brake lights headed in the westbound direction up the incline on the san mateo bridge over towards foster city. >> eric: today, yahoo's new chief executive melissa mayer plans to into her new office and she is planning on having her first child in a few months. terry mcsweeney joins us from sunnyvale. you so a stork down there yed yet. >> the new ceo, melissa mayer carrying a lot of responsibility and carrying a child due in october. take a look at the new ceo down here at yahoo. a big surprise she was selected. a lot of people we
>>> good morning. happy independence day. thanks for waking up early and joining us, i'm kristen sze. >>> i'm eric thomas. a lot of things going on today. what is the weather going to be like? >>> clouds along the coast now some trying to spill across san francisco and touch berkeley and oakland that's as far as they are going to get. good morning. low clouds and fog at dropping to 54 as we head throughout the bay, temperatures are going to be in the 50s and 60s with a lot of cloud cover around san francisco into san pablo bay many inland 60s and clear skies, easier to view the farther you are from the bay into the south bay tonight. >>> holiday light so far. good morning. 80 wet bound into the macarthur maze past golden gate fields moving at the limit. breezing pretty much anywhere you want to go this morning, definitely holiday light. if you are thinking about mass transit for some of the festivities, bart on a sunday schedule which means they don't get started until 8:00 this morning. everybody on a holiday/sunday schedule no ace train service no alameda harbor bay ferry this
's financial district has died. police say the still unidentified man used a box cutter yesterday to slash a colleague on the embarcadero and began walking south towards justin herman plaza. police caught up with him, an officer opened fire when she said he lunged at her with what looked like a knife. the stabbing victim told police he barely knew the man he said attack was unprovoked. >>> workers begin fogging today in some east bay communities to kill mosquitoes that maybe carrying west nile following discovery of two dead birds infected with the disease. officials are warning contra costa residents to wear repellent when they go out. homeowners are being urged to remove standing water where mosquitoes might breed, especially neglected swimming pools. today's fogging will be in brentwood and other portions of eastern contra costa county. >>> san jose officials will hold a permit hearing for a card room that has had its opening delayed. it was supposed to have opened in april near the san jose airport the city has delayed issuing an permit over regulation. the owner has again to court to
increase and that we'll use every resource possible to freeze tuition because we've already had 300% in tuition increases in the last 10 years. that debt is a killer, a death sentence. >> reporter: the bad news today will be for the graduate students. regents planning to vote on fee increases for professional schools such as law, business, nursing schools. the argument is those schools, that education is so good students are willing to pay for it and uc has to find other sources of income. the zombies don't like that either. they are going to be fighting for the grad students as women. they think few and fees should stay down no matter what happens with that tax initiative. they plan to create fireworks that the meeting they think there will be about 50 protesters here this morning. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> eliana lopez the wife of ross mirkarimi is back in san francisco this morning she came back from venezuela without their son. lopez is expected to testify before the ethics commission today about her marriage. the ethics committee is deciding whether to recommend removing m
>>> good morning. thanks for joining us for this third straight spare the air day. >> yeah, another hot one too. let's check in with mike and find out what is going on out there. >>> a few clouds along the coast. some stilling into san francisco more numerous just as thin as yesterday not dropping anything live doppler showing how dry it is going to be the next couple of hours if you are heading out. by the afternoon hottest temperatures in the east bay valleys mid 90s to 100. break in the south bay and north bay 80s there 70s and 80s around the bay shore 60 along the coast 66 san francisco other big weather headline is spare the air. all of us under that even note poorest air quality will be in the east bay valley -- even though the poorest air quality will be in the east bay valleys during the afternoon. >>> bay bridge toll moving well not much of a wait. slowest bit of traffic through antioch now westbound 4 lone tree out to loveridge 11 miles an hour. if you would like to head on to westbound 24, there's a crash reported but hasn't caused slowing this morning. also to help spare
san francisco, vallejo 55°. into the afternoon, -- clouds back to the coast, strong sea breeze keep us cooler than questioned, mid to upper 60s san francisco, oakland and richmond. inland mid 70s to a few low 80s. >>> new this morning from contra costa county, firefighters worked overnight to extinguish a grass fire and fireworks are to blame. amy hollyfield joins us live from oakley. >> reporter: they've got limited resources so they were nervous when the call came in. they have nine firefighters on a shift to cover 250 square miles. when firefighters in oakley go the call last night, the firefighters here put out a call for help. the contra costa county fire district rushed over to help these firefighters tackle this grass fire that started at about 10:30 last night. witnesses told firefighters they saw someone lighting fireworks in the area. they do think that's what started this one. the fire threatened 12 homes and had plenty of debris to burn in this field. firefighters definitely felt like it was important to get help and get this out quickly. >> large grass fire like this tends
into a tree overnight. all passengers injured are under the age of 18. >> amy hollyfield joins us live from robert davie, jr. with the investigation. i found out the driver is 15-years-old, does that mean unlicensed? >> reporter: definitely unlicensed. we have learn he was driving the car of the parents of one of his passengers. they took the car out, without permission. here's what is left of it. you can see the investigation team is here taking a look at what is left of this car trying to figure out how it ended up crashing into this tree. what cause this. now six teenagers in the hospital. total of six kids in the car, five of them were 15-years-old or are 15-years-old, one is 13. the driver who is in the life-threatening condition facing life threatening conditions in critical condition. the others were taken to various hospitals. their injuries are not as serious as the driver's. this happened about 1:30 this morning in alameda. investigators are now looking into why? they don't know whether speed was a factor or alcohol or drugs. they are trying to figure that out but they did emphasi
in his hand and it started going off. >> her step dad used to live in cupertino so she had family in the area. they know century 16 is where she usually goes for big movie premieres. >> everybody was calling off the hook because they know we live in the area. they know we love to go to movies >> she came back for her car but didn't want to be there. two others did not return to the theater. >> it was just total chaos. it was total panic and total a chaos and it's kind of a blush. >> they live in san rafael but threw to aurora with their mother for a conference. they convinced her to let them go to the showing with friends. >> you worry about whether they can drive to the theater but it never occurred to you to worry about something like this. >> the girls were one theater over from the shooting but the bullet pierced the wall and hit their friend. >> he had a hole in his forearm and blood was coming out of it. they rushed out of the theater to get help for their friend, who they say is in good spirits today. >> they all say it's still very surreal, but the girls and their mom, the
on this friday the 13th, thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. >>> all right you triskaidekaphobias it will be okay we have a cooler forecast for you i'm eric thomas. >>> to 14 degrees cooler than yesterday. good morning welcome to friday the 13th, nothing scary on doppler, dry now. we have more clouds out there, no flight arrival delays announced into sfo yet or oakland nor san jose we'll keep an eye on that here's the big story clouds at the coast 50s there below average around san francisco and oakland mid to upper 60s low to mid 70s bay shore 80s inland to possibly 90 in antioch. if you are heading down to the monterey bay, scenic drive today, a lot of clouds around monterey watsonville and salinas, low to mid 60s upper 60s in salinas. ;k you head inland. check of traffic it has been scary a little bit. >> it has. we've had quite a few accidents in the east bay, nothing major we are keeping track of a new crash reported, initially reported westbound 80 at powell headlights moving along nicely. the crash is eastbound 80 and it looks like it could be blocking t
cancelled. >>> stay with us all morning long about the colorado shooting. the president will address the issue 8:20 this morning we will break into programming to bring that to you. >>> in other news, you see low clouds but we are going to warm up. >>> absolutely, sunshine faster than we saw yesterday warmer weather on the way today and the weekend, good morning. doppler is dry this morning. heading around the bay today drier conditions at 7:00, mid to upper 50s by noon sunshine, 4:00 and 7:00 noontime temperatures upper 60s to low 70s top out between noon and 4, mid and upper 70s hanging out in the 60s into the evening hours. inland cool with a few clouds, temperatures in the 70s by noon, 80s by 4:00, 70s and 80s as you head out during the evening if you are at the coast clouds most dominant breaks between noon and 4:00, temperatures whole in the 50s to low 60s. -- temperatures hold in the 50s to low 60s. >>> nothing to complain about, nice and quiet, a few accidents, nothing to slow you down. bay bridge toll delay inform tree, headlights eastbound, westbound more conjested still fi
in the 50s until we get into the afternoon hours, a few of us will make the 60s. cloudy and 50s at 7:00, in the low to upper 60s with brighter skies by 7:00, we top out around being with sun and mid 60s to mid 70s inland cloudy, cool, mid to upper 50s this morning, sunny by noon, mid 60s to mid 70s, by 4:00, a lot of the sun, mid 70s to lower 80s, temperatures below average. >>> we are following a crash in san jose north 101 reported near mckey this is a live shot of north 101 at 880 just past the scene of the crash. with the waze traffic app you can see it is very heavy, 18 miles an hour from before 280 as you approach the scene of the accident slow ride in the south bay now. also, here's a live shot of the bay bridge toll, just backed up for some of the cash paying lanes. >>> breaking news from vallejo. two fires kept firefighters very busy this morning one fire erupted at a victor yanier tennessee street before 2:00. firefighters -- firefighters say this house was vacant and being renovated no word on what caused the fire. there was also a fire at a strip mall on sonoma bust. amy
7 hd thunderstorms well east of us sacramento valley, northern and southern see area today, cool down continues throughout the bay area with cloudy skies along the coast upper 50s to low 60s we are looking at pretty good breeze around the coast as well around the bay temperatures coming down inland we will see a couple of 80s, should be a nice afternoon with partly cloudy start and we'll look for temperatures today to be the warmest day of the week with numbers through the upper 80s right now in the 60s, a breeze out there and it is nice, enjoy today, much cooler weather the way. >>> couple problems in south bay, one san jose due to double shooting. north 7th at washington street, look out for hearst in the area north 101 a little slow five nile as hour. injury crash -- -- [ unintelligible ] also, in san francisco, street closed south of market near mosconey due to president obama's visit. amy hollyfield will have more, more details expected closures as well headed towards sfo in oakland live shot bay bridge toll minor wait for the cash paying lanes. >>> to our continuing coverag
4:30 this mo. amy hollyfield joins us live from silver avenue and bay shore boulevard with the latest. >> reporter: i just got an update from the red cross. they tell me that a total of six families lost their homes this morning. take a look at this amazing video when firefighters saw this they were suspicious. this video was taken by a woman who had to run had time to grab her dog and pan -- parents and that was it. it turned out 20 people lost their homes. they believe someone set this fire on purpose. the home that was originally on fire was empty, it was destroyed, a total of four homes on one side of boutwell at bay shore boulevard damaged. the fire crossed the street and caught a deck on fire as well. everyone got out okay. two victims were an 88-year-old man on 92-year-old man. their caregiver rushed here when she heard about she was to see they had gotten out on their own. >> i'm glad they got out safely, knowing that both of them are ill. and their age, you know so i'm really glad they got out safely and everything is okay. >> reporter: police did make an arre
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